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Hello! My name is Nicole and I am a Marine spouse and mother of three daughters, ages 16, 10, and 7. I have been a stay-at-home mom most of their lives while also pursuing my Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. In the past I have worked as a social worker for child welfare in the state of Pennsylvania. I have also taught preschool for ages 2.5 - 4. During my master’s program I interned as a therapist at an inpatient psychiatric hospital working with adults, teens, and kids. My ultimate goal is to become an independently licensed therapist. Our family has lived in Onslow County for 10 of the last 15 years, which has given my children a stability that is rare among military families. While NC has been my home for several years now, I am still a Yankee at heart! I will always choose a Philly cheesesteak over a pulled-pork sandwich. In addition to taking care of my family and my educational pursuits, I enjoy traveling to destinations near and far; a novel in which I can get lost; and chatting with friends over a good cup of coffee.


Dinner Dilemma


What’s for dinner?  What’s for dinner?  Every day it’s the same question.  And I usually have no idea at all what the answer is…even when it’s a little past time to start cooking dinner.

I have plenty of food in the house.  We could probably live off of what is in the pantry and refrigerator and freezer for quite a while if we needed to, without heading to the store.  I might take a little imagination, but there’s no shortage of food here.  That’s not the problem.  And with Katie gone to school, it’s not a big issue of dealing with picky eaters.  The real problem is that …


Mom, the Life-Wrecker

Part of being the mom, and the part that I like the least, is that at least one of my offspring is unhappy with me at any given time.  It is rare that everyone is happy with me at the same time.  That usually only happens on Christmas morning and only for a short time.  Being mom is a pretty thankless job until the kids are about 30, I think.  I am pretty sure it took me about that long to really appreciate my own mother.  (Sorry, mom!)

I think the reason for that sad side of motherhood is that a big part of the job is discipline which requires tough love at times.  That part of parenting is no fun …


Speedy Delivery…College Style

Thank goodness Katie did not go to college very far away because it seems like there is always something here that she needs.  This week it was her Tervis Tumblers.  A couple weeks ago it was her nail supplies.  Next week there will surely be something else.

The good thing about this situation is that it means that we see Katie a lot.  She comes home to see us and pick things up almost every week.  I kind of love that.  I always enjoy her visits.

This week when she was home I got a text message from a neighbor asking if she was home.  Seems this neighbor, whose daughter goes to …


Spy Mom

I ran across an article about the future of parenting that got my imagination going.  The article was about a tiny little ankle bracelet for babies that monitored the environment and warned parents about factors that might need to be considered to keep baby comfortable.  It also kept track of patterns, so a parent might know that a change of a couple of degrees in temperature might extend a baby’s nap a bit.

This tiny bit of technology resembled a house arrest ankle monitor for babies.  It was much sleeker, of course, and made of much friendlier colors.  It monitored things like levels of humidity and noise and temperature.  It could …


Sick kids

The school year has just begun yet there is a nasty virus already making kids sick all across the country.  The health professionals are calling it a “mystery illness”, though they are pretty certain it is actually the work of Enterovirus 68, which affects the respiratory system.  The virus and many of its viral relatives have been around a long time, and often don’t become any more serious than any other cold.  Doctors are more concerned this year because so many children are having such severe symptoms and because it is so early in the cold/flu season.  Thousands of kids across several states have been treated and released or …


College Helicopter Parents?

I had a discussion with another parent the other day about whether it’s a good idea to extend a tendency to be a “helicopter parent” from the high school years on into the college years. Now, I will admit to being a very hands-on type of mom.  Very hands-on.  My friends have always given me a hard time about being they type of parent who was running around taking stuff to my kids and driving them around and doing things for them.  Okay…spoiling them a bit.  But I don’t think I was helicoptering.  A helicopter parent is the one who is in the teacher’s classroom arguing about each test question to improve the grade.  If my kids earned a bad grade, …


Remote Parenting

My oldest daughter is about to become an independent driver, meaning once she takes and passes her driving test, she will be able to drive without me or her father in the car with her.  This is scary for any parent who has been, is, or will be in this position.  I think it is probably the scariest part of parenting I have experience thus far.  I know I’m not alone.  I talk to my friends and they all seem to feel the same way.  I now know why my mother still holds on to the door handle and pushes down on an imaginary break when she is my …


Get Cooking

I have often been surprised at my girls’ skills in the kitchen.  I never formally taught them to cook.  They did wander in and out of the kitchen while I cooked and I let them help when they wanted to.  But I didn’t sit them down and instruct them, mostly because I was too lazy to do so.  When I was cooking I was usually just trying to get things done because dinner needed to get made!

But I wasn’t too afraid of messes, I guess, so I did let them mess around in the kitchen.  And I let them play restaurant and make dinner for me if they wanted to.  …


Smart Rules

In case you have been too distracted by your cell phone to notice, there is a new obsession (dare I say, “addiction”) sweeping the nation…and you may be holding it right in the palm of your hand.

Your kids almost certainly are.  As a country we are fixated on smart phones.  Go to a restaurant and you will see groups of people all interacting with their phones but not each other.  Invite a group of teenagers to your home – same thing.  And young people are not solely to blame.  There is such a thing called, “distracted parenting” now, referring to parents paying more attention to their phones than their …


Love from the Garden

The latest batch of shared peppers. Yum!

The only thing better than fresh produce from your very own garden is fresh produce from someone else’s garden, right?!  In fact, it’s way better.  All the fresh deliciousness and none of the work.  Plus, it comes with a little bit of love attached.  Someone cared enough to bring some of that the produce they worked so hard to grow and share it with you!

You don’t have to know me long to know that I love hot peppers.  In fact, love might not be a strong enough word.  I adore hot peppers.  I think hot peppers make just …


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