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Hello! My name is Nicole and I am a Marine spouse and mother of three daughters, ages 16, 10, and 7. I have been a stay-at-home mom most of their lives while also pursuing my Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. In the past I have worked as a social worker for child welfare in the state of Pennsylvania. I have also taught preschool for ages 2.5 - 4. During my master’s program I interned as a therapist at an inpatient psychiatric hospital working with adults, teens, and kids. My ultimate goal is to become an independently licensed therapist. Our family has lived in Onslow County for 10 of the last 15 years, which has given my children a stability that is rare among military families. While NC has been my home for several years now, I am still a Yankee at heart! I will always choose a Philly cheesesteak over a pulled-pork sandwich. In addition to taking care of my family and my educational pursuits, I enjoy traveling to destinations near and far; a novel in which I can get lost; and chatting with friends over a good cup of coffee.



Newsflash!  You do not need to post absolutely everything you think, see, do, eat, and want on the internet.  It is not mandatory to share every move you make with all of your (3000) friends.  I am glad you ate dinner, went to a movie, went to the bathroom, etc.  Really.  Good on you.  But I don’t need to know all of that. 

And I am not speaking to just the teens here.  There are plenty of people my age who are sharing their every move with the masses.  I am friends with not a few adults who chronicle their every thought, feeling, cause, and dinner plan on Facebook daily.  I wonder how they have time to post so much.  I know for a fact that some of them are also working long hours and getting lots done that doesn’t involve social media.  I just can’t figure it out!

I guess all of the above is not really a problem.  If you’re being productive and getting everything done, who am I to judge when it comes to your activities on social media.  Mostly I just chuckle and move on.  But I do think that this attitude shared by young and old is leading to some problems because people don’t really think before they put things out there… things they can’t take back.

One of the more practical problems in letting the whole (internet) world know your every move is that it is a security risk.  Let’s face it…not all of your “friends” and their “friends” who will see your post that you are on vacation for a week are honest.  You don’t really know just how far that information will get when your law-abiding friend comments on or “likes” you status about being away from home or leaving your teen home alone.  I have to think thieves love to peruse social media looking for targets who are kind enough to let them know when it is safe to victimize them.

Another problem with all this over-sharing is that it becomes a habit and you might not think before posting something in anger or jest that will be seen as offensive by another person.  We all know people who go off on a tangent on social media and it gets them in trouble.  It’s not hard to find examples in the news and for me not hard to find in my own circle of friends and family.  I have heard of people losing scholarship money, jobs, friends, and even teens ending their lives over things that should have been left unsaid on social media.

I try to weigh what I share so I will keep myself out of trouble.  I do see the benefits of careful sharing on social media.  I love to use it to keep up with family and friends.  But, as in all things in life, moderation is the key. 

Anybody else find themselves surprised by what people put out there for the world to see?

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