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Prom Dress Fever!

Cute, but not the perfect dress. The bare feet and band-aids won't be part of the finished look!

Last weekend we began our search for the perfect prom gown for Katie.  Our travel for competitive cheerleading has given us a good chance to do a little shopping outside of Jacksonville.  We were in Raleigh, staying conveniently across the street from a mall, so we took advantage of our time there to try on a few dresses.  I have to admit that it is a lot of fun to “play dress-up” with Katie.

A couple of years ago, when Katie was traveling with this competitive team, we tagged along with her friends as they shopped for dresses in Charlotte and Raleigh.  We had fun picking things for her then-senior friends to try on.  And I was introduced to the sticker shock that goes along with this quest.  Let’s just say the prices on some of those dresses were as amazing as the dresses.  We watched as several friends spent upwards of five and six hundred dollars…and a few spent way more than that.  Fortunately, Katie is pretty sensible about such things and expressed before we even hit the stores that she thinks it’s not a great idea to spend so much on a dress that will only be worn once.  Whew!  I was glad to hear that come out of her mouth!

The first dress Katie tried on was a very fluffy, very sparkly ball gown.  If you’ve ever seen “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding,” you might be able to picture the width of this first gown.  Let’s just say it took about 15 minutes to get her into it and I lost my purse temporarily in the dressing room and discovered it well-hidden beneath the layers of tulle.  It looked pretty darling on tiny Katie, and we decided that if you measured the price in dollars per yard of fabric it was a relative bargain.  But it was not the perfect dress because the color was pretty bland and Katie was pretty unable to move in it.  Unfortunately we forgot to take a picture of Katie in that dress.  I sure wish we had taken one, just so people would believe just how huge that skirt was!

The second dress was a no-go and didn’t even make it to the mirror.  The third, however showed a bit of promise.  It was a really pretty bright coral color.  It had a pretty sweetheart neckline with lots of bling.  The skirt was short, and also sparkly, with some length added by flirty sheer panels that hung around it.  The fit was off, though, and the high-low hemline wasn’t really what Katie was looking for.

We left the mall and headed for lunch without making a purchase.  But we both had a better idea just what Katie was looking for in a dress.  When we made it to the convention center later in the afternoon, lots of the girls were comparing notes about their prom shopping adventures.  Several had pictures of the dresses they were considering or had purchased.  What a fun and exciting time to share with these young ladies.

Back home I started looking online to see if there was a perfect dress out there that combined all the things Katie was looking for in a prom dress.  I’m convinced the perfect dress is out there, waiting for us to find it.  And I can’t wait to see her in it!

Anybody else swept up in prom fever?

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3 Comments on “Prom Dress Fever!”

  • Paula Patselas March 6th, 2013 12:45 pm

    That is a gorgeous dress and looks great on Katie – she should get that one!!

  • Karen March 6th, 2013 3:45 pm

    Thanks. The only fit issue was in the skirt and doesn’t show in the picture. I am convinced we’ll find something perfect! Do you think we’ll have to have length taken off whatever dress she gets?! That dress is not supposed to have a train.

  • Paula Patselas March 6th, 2013 4:52 pm

    Most likely!

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