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I’m Karen, a stay-at-home mom of two girls, one 16 and the other 18. While I know it’s unusual for a mom to still be out of the work force with kids these ages (especially when the money would really come in handy!), I think it’s been the right choice for our family. It’s nice to be available to the teens during the day and to be able to keep an eye on things during those afternoon hours. (Can you hear my girls gagging and groaning while they’re reading that?!) I am a constant embarrassment to my kids in so many ways…the things I wear, say, do, like. I am so skilled at embarrassing them that I don’t even have to try hard at it. I’m hoping someday they’ll look back and think of me as fun and spunky and creative rather than just horribly strange. I love all things creative and crafty, spicy food, diet soda (possibly love to the point of addiction?), fresh paint, and casual clothes. I hate doing laundry, attending meetings, and getting dressed up. (If I’m wearing heels and a dress, there’s probably either a wedding or a funeral!) If you’re looking for someone who’s an expert parent who has all the right answers, you might want to read someone else’s posts. But if you’re looking for someone who is out there struggling every day to get it right, I’m your girl.


Decisions, Decisions

Some decisions our teens can make on their own.

Part of my experience with Gus living at NCSSM is that I really don’t know what he is doing on a daily basis. He might have decided to eat junk for all his meals, or to do his laundry just once a month or to not brush his teeth. I don’t really know. He certainly has to face making some decisions on his own.

But sometimes he makes decisions that he talks to me about.  After the fact, but cluing your mom in at all counts I guess.  The decision he shared with me recently did surprise me a bit.  Apparently, NCSSM students are encouraged to apply for any number of ‘leadership’ positions at the school that are beyond the scope of the traditional student government seats.

These positions range from being a tour guide for prospective students to assisting the Dorm Supervisors.  Gus told me he had applied for and interviewed for positions as either a Resident Life Assistant and as a Student Attaché.  The former is appeals to Gus because he thinks it will be fun.  The later, he evaluated more seriously.  Student Attachés represent the concerns of the student body at board meetings, interact with alumni and get involved in fundraising.

He is eager to hear if he is selected for either position.  Each one would give some useful experience and a measure of challenge.   But these voluntary responsibilities are not mandatory and the academic load up there is fairly rigorous.  No doubt, if offered either one of these positions, Gus will be making additional decisions, in terms of time management.   That I do know.

How is your teen with making decisions?  Does he seek your input?

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